The Mission 305 show received an award for the best unscripted project at Miami Web Fest Conference in 2018.

Mission 305 is unscripted competition game show that introduces fine symbiosis between two related but different media, TV and Gaming. Gameplay setting of the show provides close interaction between the future and the present, overbridging the gap of time and space to provide audience unique entertainment experience

16 teams compete and play the game up to their best abilities to efficiently solve in game missions, boost teams’ point scores and avoid game threats. In order to successfully upgrade team status to the next game level teams have to communicate, synchronize and strategize.

Players’ mission is to conquer all 5 game levels to reach the final elimination stage and chance to win Mission 305 title as the best gameplay team with the highest ranking and point score.

To efficiently play the game and solve in game challenges Computer Player needs to navigate its teammate Field player to execute multiple pressure driven street actions and complete mission assignments in given time.

Teammates play the game experiencing two different perspectives of the show environment. Competition gameplay setting forces teams to perform their best to advance to the next level and gain the competition advantage.