About Us

Multimedia Innovations is young, solution driven company that sees opportunities where industry seems to lack with content. Technology growth inspire us to create and develop creative, technology driven entertainment solutions that will set the new industry trends. We follow the focus of our desired audience and invest our time to create content that can satisfy their needs.

Multimedia Innovations is proud to present Mission 305 game show that is set to bring the gap between television and video game industry closer and present the new generation of entertainment. Project collaboration with Catea Games, is valuable for development of Mission 305 interactive gameplay setting. For the benefits of our show we tend to collaborate with professionals who share the same vision, making sure that implemented technology will deliver desired gameplay performance during the production stage.

Providing entertainment solutions and foreseeing upcoming industry trends is the main strategy behind our work and trademark. We strive to be the trendsetters rather than followers and work constantly on achieving our goals.

Our mission is to expand our brand that represents technology, creativity and entertainment.

Our core values:

  • Technology implementation; we firmly believe that synergy between technology and creativity is the right path for our company and we are determined to continue and develop our work in the same direction.
  • Quality; in all stages of our work we focus on shaping, developing and delivering progressive, high quality concepts, solutions and projects.
  • Originality; delivering originality to the market is what drives us, when creating content and shaping solutions for entertainment industry needs.

Timna Ticic

CEO, Creative Developer at Multimedia Innovations. In charge of company’s business operations and creative content development.

After thirteen (13) years long professional tennis career, Timna decided to focus on education and self-improvement. She holds bachelor of arts degrees in; Economy from Business School PAR, Audio Engineering from SAE Institute, Ljubljana and from Middlesex University of London.

Last two (2) years Timna devoted to development of Mission 305 game show. She established Multimedia Innovations LLC in order to promote the value behind the show and expand the company’s trademark and partnerships.

Cateia Games

Cateia Games

Team of sixty (60) plus creative professionals, valuable for our Mission 305 interactive gameplay development. Together we collaborate on technology implementation and gameplay mechanics’ development. Our vision is to bring symbiosis between television format and interactive video game closer to our audience.